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Cloud Apache

Citrix Moves Away From OpenStack For Apache 29

Posted by samzenpus
from the so-long-farewell-aufwiedersehn-goodbye dept.
netbuzz writes "Citrix today announced that it is turning its development attention away from the OpenStack project, started two years ago by NASA and Rackspace, in favor of its own CloudStack platform, Apache and Amazon Web Services. 'Based on challenges of the technical maturity and where we are with CloudStack, (OpenStack) became a path not viable,' says a Citrix executive. Industry analysts contend that the move says more about Citrix and its needs than it does OpenStack and its future."
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Citrix Moves Away From OpenStack For Apache

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  • Ugh, Citrix... (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday April 03, 2012 @06:12PM (#39566091)

    Citrix is a clusterfuck. It's seriously one of the worst pieces of software ever released. It also doesn't help that companies that use it overload servers and wonder why performance is poor... 100 users on a box with 2GB of ram, single core CPU, each user running 5 apps? Sure, no problem!

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